Hi, my name is CODY, also known as the “CODE-STER.” I’m a Happy-go-Lucky, 10-year-old, Labradoodle.  My best friend is CAROLE and we live in the Beautiful Pacific Northwest.  I use to belong to her brother ALLEN, but he passed away, she adopted me, and we’ve been hitting the road PAW TRIPPING ever since!

Carole, has a degree in Recreation from the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) and had her own Tour and Event Planning Company for many years.  Now she’s planning PAW TRIPS for us, here, there, and everywhere.

We want to share our Adventures, Trip Planning, and Experiences with you and your Best Friend(s), and invite you to share your outings and experiences with us.

So, come along for the ride, and Join us


(And two of my favorite words)